War Memorial Building

Location:  Belfast


In 2006 the Northern Ireland War Memorial Council found it necessary to relocate from their existing offices and exhibition space in Waring Street to a newly completed building in Talbot Street, in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

The project brief was to design new offices and exhibition space to meet the requirements of the various organizations which operate under the umbrella of the NIWMC.

Cost:  < 1m

Status:  Complete

Type:  Culture & Leisure

Type:  Interior

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Job Complete

The ground floor Exhibition space was a collaboration between Robinson McIlwaine and artist John McMillan to create an installation which would be both a National Memorial for the people of Northern Ireland who died in the two world wars and a commemoration of the ties between the Ulster people and their allies during the Second World War.

From their previous home at War Memorial House in Waring Street Belfast, important historical artefacts, artwork and parts of the building fabric were carefully removed and restored and now form the core of the new exhibition in Talbot Street. Among these are the polished marble Memorial wall and magnificent stained glass window recording the sacrifice made by the people of Northern Ireland.

The project also involved the fitting out of two floors of offices on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Although small in scale the design and co-ordination of the project offered a great opportunity for collaboration and the creation of a space which spoke about the history of Northern Ireland through the first and second world wars. In design terms the challenge was to allow the exhibits to tell the story. With the displays on floors and walls artificial and natural light has been skilfully used to animate glass, artwork and artifact to tell a powerful and emotional story.

The project awarded the RSUA and Arts Council Award for integration of Art in 2008 and was featured in Perspective Magazine.

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