RMI Architects Residential Projects

Glenann Court, Antrim Road

Location:  Glengormley

Client:  Clanmil Housing Association

Glenann Court is a CAT 1 Elderly (over 55s) social housing scheme in Glengormley containing 21 apartments developed by Clanmil Housing Association. In 2012 RMI won a competition to develop the site. It became clear from the outset that the development should attempt to repair the building line along Antrim Road and provide a frontage to the street. The new building focuses on re-invigorating and re-energising the Antrim Road, creating an active street frontage that places the emphasis on people rather than cars.

Status:  Complete

Type:  Residential

  • Project Status:
  • Completed
  • On Site
  • Drawing Board

Drawing Board 02/01/2012

Our initial concept was to create a sculptural form with deep openings recessed into the heavy masonry. A blue engineering brick plinth extends along the lower part of the site to reinforce the buildings linear form and reduce the overall building massing. Large elements of masonry were removed to create a covered entrance canopy that addresses the Antrim Road and extends into a generous glazed internal lobby encouraging social interaction between the residents.

The building form responds to the site constraints and a simple crank along the entrance elevation creates visual interest whilst reinforcing the main entrance. Further extrusions are emphasised, including the lift core and the building bookend along the Antrim Road elevation. The intention was to create a visual marker and point of interest along the Antrim Road.

The sculptural form is further reinforced through the use of a simple restrained material palette in complimentary colours. Detailing is simple and considered with particular emphasis placed on the original concept of deep recesses in the masonry. The upper two floors are set back to break down the building massing and is formed in a light weight rain screen cladding on the brick sculptural plinth.